Make complex business software
much more simple, understandable & cheap


Build business software that reads users’ minds

We want to further develop 10xONE so that eventually our software will understand written human text and make changes to the existing software accordingly as well as the user can create new, repeated rules.


Revolutionize the complex business software category with
extremely flexible and clear, self-serving, self-documenting and self-explaining integrated Solutions &
underlying Business Software Services &
simple, visual, easy to use Low Code No Code Tools
that in the end cover all business needs for all businesses around the world


Me (=you): non-selfish love of yourself
The reason of life is to live, love and dare. Dare to live, love: say things: what you like, do not like. Do not settle. Do it with love of the other. This is non-selfish love of yourself.

Customer (know who is the Customer)
The customer is not only the end user but anyone who is getting something from you.

Shoes (step into the shoes of the Customer)
Step into the shoes of the customer.

Value (do what delivers value)
We need to think about value first – what delivers value to you as our colleague, our client and our company – in this order

Transparency (say things you want)
Be transparent externally towards clients, internally with respect to everything we do including our software, software code and documentation. Tell us about your surely changing expectations. It does not hurt us – just the contrary.

Grit (do things to the fullest and do not give it up halfway)
If you are facing a problem: understand it its deepest roots. And do not get tired or stop half-way. Do it all in a focused, targeted way.

Growth (self-development plan and its execution)
Personal and professional growth and company growth are interlinked. Support both. You have the right to learn, experiment.

Love it (it is not a job – but things you do which make you happy)
Create and sustain an environment where people love to work, love each other and create products that users love

Long run (not another 1 year gig)
Build, invest, do everything for the long run. Stay with us.