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Data entered will be handled confidentially and in line with applicable EU laws. We will not hand over to any 3rd party.
We operate ISO9001, ISO/IEC 20000-1 (ITIL), ISO/IEC 27001 (information security) integrated management systems.

What will happen when you sign up?

1. Discussion #1 – understand
Before you sign up we usually have a 15 – 60 minutes discussion, to understand the basics of what you need.

2. Set up
Then we pre-select the solutions for you and tailor their set-up before you actually sign in into the software.

3. Discussion #2 – review
Then we have a 2nd call where we walk through, together with you, the solution set up.

4. Adjust set up
We then, if needed, fine-tune the set-up.

5. Access
You get access. Voilà!

We are dedicated to give you tailored software from the start

You may ask us: why do not we let you sign in to the software right away?

Because we do not sell packaged software. We are in the 100% tailored software business.

Yes, our user interface is simple – you could start using it right away.

But we have 1400 functions, several of them are really “deep”.
These work fundamentally differently depending on the setup. So we make sure to set up these for you first.