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No code software - its benefits and our vision

No code low code software is a few years old. We have been amongst the firsts: we started developing our full blown package 10+ years ago, 100% on no code low code basis. We have now 1600+ main functions in one offering, at one low monthly price.
Our enterprise-ready software solutions are 30-50% cheaper and faster with no < developers /> and < code />.

Our vision
Business software that reads users' minds: complex business software that can be changed much cheaper and faster - and ultimately reads the users' thoughts.
Low code no code and, more recently, generative AI technologies are bringing us ever closer to the realization of this aim.
The result is a software that provides self-service, self-change, self-documentation and self-explanatory integrated services.
Mitől "okos"?



There are plenty of ready-made services available. All CRM, HR, ERP, FINANCE and other "services, capabilities", in one. Moreover: it can be changed - and new things can be created - independently with no < developers /> or         < code />


Mid-sized businesses

If you have 30 or more employees: the medium-sized ready-made, packaged software packages* no longer meet your needs. Medium-sized packaged software offers more configuration options than simple packaged software, but when enterprise-specific, more complex solutions are needed, their knowledge just does not suffice. This is where 10xONE enters the scene: while matching the price of packaged business software, it offers endless flexibility and performance.

Large companies

With up to 10,000 employees - for even the most complex software problems. In addition, the company can build its own solutions.

FFor carriers, truckers, freight forwarders, logistics service providers

We offer complete solutions for all areas of the sector, including orders, warehousing, deliveries, full and partial loads, distribution, HR and CRM systems, project management, waybills, fuel accounting and financial functions. All these can be adapted to several company profiles and is also available on mobile platforms.


We offer complete solutions for order management, warehousing, delivery, mobile applications, CRM, HR, financial functions and many other areas - even for multiple company profiles. Our 1600+ functions are fully integrated into a single, simple, transparent and unified user interface.


We offer complete solutions for order management, warehousing, delivery, mobile applications, CRM, HR, financial functions and many other areas - even for multiple company profiles. Our 1600+ functions are fully integrated into a single, simple, transparent and unified user interface.

Service Providers

Billing, invoicing, time tracking, project planning and tracking, employees, subcontractors, contracts, fees - all in one at an affordable price.
Good. But how much does it cost?


1) Minimal operating costs - no staff on your side.
2) Much lower change costs - you can change what you want.
3) It is much cheaper to connect to other systems - the system connections are also code-free..


  Operations cost


Change cost


Integration cost


3200+ users

An international financial company creates an HR self-service solution for its 3,200 employees using 10xONE..

100M+ waybills, 6000 vehicles, 8000 employees

We solved a decades-old problem of a postal service provider: fuel accounting, employee and vehicle performance calculation and accounting, reports, scheduling, with SAP integration - all in 2 months.

100k+ insurance events

Providing services for 30+ insurance companies with 30%+ annual growth thanks to, among other things, the flexibility and cost-effectiveness and performance of 10xONE.


Your previous options prior to 10xONE 

Old option 1::

Custom development

It delivers the most tailored result, but it is the most expensive and riskiest option.
Old option 2:

Customizable ERP, CRM, HR etc systems.

Complex customizable software is expensive and difficult to learn and implement yet it provides flexibility and gives you more built-in than a low code platform..

Old option 3:

Low Code No Code platforms

It enables business users to create new apps on their own but these platforms are limited in functionality – you can get to 60-70% of what you need for complex needs.

Your option with 10xONE: the best of all the above – without downside

No code / Low code

Create new things fast and easily or change how it works fastGraphical, drag and drop: design change what you need freely.

1600+ ready made services on low/no code basis

All you need is there.

Full blown ready-made software services.

Enterprise ready

For complex business software challanges.

From the cloud or on prem you can handle 100’s Millions of records and 1000′ of users.


We are here, and happy to talk to you

    Data entered will be handled confidentially and in line with applicable EU and U.S. laws. We will not hand your data over to any 3rd party unless explicitly required by law. We operate ISO9001, ISO/IEC 20000-1 (ITIL), ISO/IEC 27001 (information security) integrated management systems.

    What will happen when you sign up?

    1. Discussion #1 – understand

    Before you sign up we usually have a 15 – 60 minutes discussion, to understand the basics of what you need.

    2. Set up

    Then we pre-select the solutions for you and tailor their set-up before you actually sign in into the software.

    3. Discussion #2 – review

    Then we have a 2nd call where we walk through, together with you, the solution set up.

    4. Adjust set up

    We then, if needed, fine-tune the set-up.

    5. Access

    You get access. Voilà!

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