Draw flowcharts to document and run your processes.
Even if you are a small business – you can draw and run your own processes. If you are a large business – enjoy even more. Read on.

Would you be interested in an ERP system which help your company to solve the daily problems quicker and more easily? Generating more spare time and money?
A system which only need to be introductioned once but will solve all of your company’s organisation problems in the future because of it’s komplexity and flexibilty?

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More: execute flowcharts – workflows

Our software actually understands and executes flowcharts: our 10xONE software works according to the flowcharts you draw.

Process execution will follow your ideal process flow.

Available for all participants anytime, anywhere. Transparently. Clearly. In a well documented manner. Extremely flexibly: if you would like to change, you can: it takes a few mouseclicks only. You can generate process status reports, analyse process efficiency and time usage as well.

More: track process costs, revenues, KPI’s

Costs and revenues relating to flowcharts and processes can be collected, planned, analysed, too.

As such, processes in our 10xONE software “talk” with all other parts of the software: documents, financials, inventory, indicators and more.
So your entire firm becomes really one.  This way theory becomes reality.  And: management becomes real, as well.

Even more: it works together with everything else in our system

Our flowcharts, workflows are not “dumb”. It means that they can “move” other things in our system: start system functions, change the status of many other system objects, print documents and more.

They can even move inventory: from one place to the other.
Or print an invoice as part of a process step.
Or send a document to someone. Or an e-mail And much more.

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Share flowcharts across multiple firms

Flowcharts created even work through multiple firms: invite your customers, vendors, subcontractors, consultants etc.  You immediately share the flowcharts you created with them – and data contained in the processes.

So you can actually use the same process.  This way you can really work together.  Better, stronger, faster, easier.  Like never before.

You will see all these running processes, while all other external parties will see only the ones they are part of.
E.g. with a customer request the request will be visible to you and that specific customer.